Case study - GotoWork

“GotoWork provides a clear working overview, and saves a great amount of time and money, in managing all personnel planning. We have been using the software for many years, and our employees find it invaluable.”

Horticultural personnel planning

GotoWork was founded in 2005 for Vereijken Kwekerijen, with the aim of saving both time and money regarding taking phone calls from students concerning seasonal working possibilities. Promptly, other horticultural organisations enquired as to whether they could implement the same GotoWork software into their own companies. Since then, GotoWork has been steadily growing, and is now being used across a spectrum of organisations.

Students, among other flexibly employed individuals, can take advantage of the GotoWork software to communicate their availability with a number of employers. GotoWork equally enables employers to communicate necessary information with any employees, as well as detailing a strict employee rota.

The Constructors vision for GotoWork lies in continual development for increased functionality, and optimised user-experience. The Constructors team maintains this Software as a Service (SaaS) product in-house, ensuring its stability, and perfection of key features, such as mobile-friendliness.

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