Case study - SendCloud

“Given the rapid growth of our platform, we were looking for expert developers with the ability to execute projects, using the utmost precision. The development of software to facilitate smooth integration with the Belgian Post Group is a project with which we are incredibly satisfied.”

Fast growth, and international ambitions

SendCloud currently services around 2,240 webshops, and arose from the ashes of exasperations that SendCloud founders too experienced as prior webshop owners.

The average webshop owner wasted about 10 minutes per package to generate a shipping label alone, and that’s not even accounting for the time taken to choose the best courier with which to send the package. As it is the webshop owner who ultimately wears the costs; saving time and money leads to greater profitability, and ultimately allows for increased competitiveness.

SendCloud is the shipping solution to take the work off your hands: With the simple click of a button, a custom shipping label can be created, the package can immediately be shipped, and tracked with track & trace. The result is an average overall cost saving of 23 percent, due to significantly increased competitiveness, and a drop in manual labour.

Owing to SendCloud’s ingenious practices, the organisation grew considerably in recent years, and possessed immense ambition to expand abroad.

Belgische Post

Belgische Post


Following Belgium’s unique e-commerce market, Constructors was asked to facilitate total integration with the Belgian Post Group. The Belgian Post Group has around 27,749 employees connected to a substantial IT platform, with which SendCloud wanted to create a link.


The full development of software to consolidate with the Belgian Post Group needed to be established within a timeframe of 2 months. The development particularly included a full review of documentation, collaboration with the Belgian Post Group on technical mergers, and the programming of precise code to fit within SendCloud’s existing platform.

The entirety of the code written for the Belgian Post Group was tested rigorously to ensure the utmost quality, as well as ideal operation. Extensive documentation was written to facilitate ease of future ‘bpost’ updates.


Full integration with the Belgian Post Company took place within the set deadline, and successfully aided SendCloud in tapping into the Belgian market. The number of customers in Belgium grew rapidly, with immense customer satisfaction of the integration process reported. Both regular packages, and insured packages requiring a signature are supported with the SendCloud/bpost shipping method.


SendCloud has grown in Germany with Constructors’ hosting of Constructors enabled SendCloud developers to put newer versions of the website online, with the simple click of button; saving yet more time and money.